Logo Design

A company's logo is it's "outfit" and should reflect and represent the business ethos. Logos are the visual foundation of all marketing and branding materials. At TCM, we work closely with clients to create unique logos that represent the style, personality, values and philosophy of a company. Presenting ideas, variations and options to choose from is an important step in the process of branding.

Business Cards

Business cards are part of how you present yourself to potential clients and the leave-behind that acts as your self-promotion. The importance of presenting contact information in traditional format that best represents you and your company will always be of value.


Business stationery is not only an marketing tool, but represents the company in a professional and individualized manner. Our stationery designs will utilize your logos in a visually impressive way. We will provide you with variations to choose from and suggestions on printing and paper choices. If you choose to use our independent local printers, we can oversee all printing, typesetting and color correction and no extra charge.